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Battery Storage

Adding Battery Storage to your PV System.


Adding battery storage to compliment your solar system is a great way to maximise your household’s use of your own, self-generated power. Adding a battery to compliment your rooftop solar will allow you to store your excess energy generated during the day, to power your home when the sun goes down.

MRE Electrical Solar Battery Storage

How it Works


Solar panels generate the most power in the middle of the day between 9am and 5pm. However, the average Australian consumes the most energy in the early mornings when getting ready for work, and in the evenings when returning home. Home battery storage works by storing your excess solar for your use when the sun isn’t shining, ensuring you aren’t wasting those much-needed sun rays generated during the day. The addition of battery storage allows you to use more of your own self-generated energy and reduce your need to purchase energy in peak periods, saving you money on your power bill, and reducing your carbon footprint.

How solar battery storage works

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Redback solar battery storage large

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